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Colour Coding for Learners with Autism - by Adele Devine

Children on the autism spectrum are often highly visual learners, making colour a powerful and motivating learning tool.

This book explains how colour coding helps young people with autism to generalise lessons already learnt. For example, assigning the colour aqua to all personal care activities or the colour purple to timetabling and transitions establishes clear, visual categories. This allows children to draw on learnt experiences, which creates a sense of order, reduces anxiety, and can aid communication, understanding emotions, organisation, coping with change and diversifying diet.

A wealth of tried-and-tested printable resources to enable the practical application of colour coding in the classroom and at home are included on a CD-ROM.

With colourful illustrations and resources, Colour Coding for Learners with Autism is an effective, must-have teaching tool for anyone involved in the education of young people with autism.

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'This book is a fascinating and informative read. Adele's empathy and passion shine through as her book promotes strategies for enablement and positive pathways for happiness and achievement for autistic people. Highly recommended.'

Paul Isaacs, autistic speaker, trainer, consultant and author

'Visual supports are essential for individuals with autism, but getting the right visual can involve a combination of strategy and artistry. This book clearly demonstrates how the magic of color can add dimension, clarity and meaning to a variety of visual experiences. Color can indeed bring truth and order to the visual learner.'

Lisa Rogers, Director of Educating Diverse Learners and author of Visual Supports for Visual Thinkers

'This practical how-to book is an invaluable tool for educators, parents and anyone wanting to support the learning of autistic children. Adele Devine's writing demonstrates a genuine curiosity, appreciation and respect for how autistic children learn and perceive the world around them. Focusing on colour, visual perception and detail (a well-documented quality of autistic children), Adele Devine supports educators to step outside their own learned behaviours and resulting assumptions to create an environment that assists all children in the class, in all their beautiful hues of personality and diverse ways of learning.'

Leonora Gregory - Collura Dipl. RBS TTC, Co-Founder & President of the International Naturally Autistic® People Awards, Convention and Festival, Co-Founder & publisher of the Naturally Autistic® magazine, Director of ANCA® Consulting Inc.

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