Speak up to help unlock non verbal prisons.


Imagine being placed in a prison system where there were no choices at all.


Meals were served ‘like it or not’ fashion.


There was an eating window of five minutes (even if the food was still painfully hot).


Do you want to wear the scratchy top or the sweaty, uncomfortable one?


Imagine having no phone calls, no texts, no emails, no conversation, no contact…




Relatives may see you and talk to you, but you could never voice an opinion or talk about what is actually happening or how you feel.




Imagine not being able to communicate frustrations, hopes or dreams with other ‘inmates’ or prison officers.


There is no way to express real feelings.



There are prisons like this, but what crimes have the inmates committed?


What have they done to deserve such treatment?


Are they the monsters, the paedophiles the scum of our society?




The people placed in these incomprehensible, non communicative prisons have done NOTHING wrong.


Maybe they were born with a disability like Cerebral Palsy or Autism, which limits their communication. Maybe they lost the ability to speak through accident or illness.


These people have brilliant thoughts, creative imaginations and deep feelings, but no means to communicate.


They are innocent, but our society has left them in prison.


Technology and education is the key.


There have been amazing advances in the last decade. We now have Apps, with a never ending bank of symbols to scroll through, enabling those without speech to communicate choices and feelings. For those, who cannot physically operate a touch screen we have Eye Gaze technology. People can use their eyes to operate communication software, to send emails, go on social networks to interact with the whole world.


Special needs schools are equipped with specially trained staff and an array of switches, Apps, Eye Gaze and sound beams.

If a child can potentially communicate we will find a way.


But what about adults, who were already in homes, institutionalised and never accessed this technology?

Unless they have tech savvy families fighting for them, their education is unfairly and unjustly finished.

Their chance is lost.


But these are real people, with real thoughts and every day we wait is an extra prison day.


They are silently counting every hour, every minute, every second…


Scrap ‘missing boats’ and ‘slipping nets’. We are talking about PEOPLE.


Amazing, wonderful people imprisoned in the worst way, without having committed any crime.


I implore everyone to speak up…


SHOUT for people in residential care to have access to education and assistive technology…


SHOUT for those without a voice, who should have further education and access to life changing technological advances.


We are so incredibly lucky that we CAN!



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